Welcome to my site. I am an industrial designer and fabricator in Chicago. I have had the privilege of working with some great designers and clients as well as having received a lot of great instruction from colleagues and professors. I recently completed a Masters in Design from IIT’s Institute of Design.

Included here is a broad scope of projects I have worked on and those I am currently pursuing. Most of these projects have had input from others- either clients or team members. If you would like to know my specific role in any particular project (and it isn't immediately clear) don't hesitate to reach out to me.

This is a collection of projects and process, collected and shared in photos, video, and a long form blog. My aim is to allow you to choose your own adventure, so to speak. If you just want to watch video you will be provided for. If you are a reader, that is available too. Short of having you all follow me around, this is the most complete way to share my process as I pursue complex projects. I want to provide a view into my work, but also maybe some lessons from watching me struggle. Maybe some of you will be able to help. All I can guarantee is a complete journey through my design process and honest reflection on what I am doing on the project and how I am creating my content (I have never edited video, let alone managed sites). It’s a story and a making-of all in one with audience participation thrown in. Community is a good word for it.